Saturday, February 28, 2009

the grid and bread

Two things we can't live without.
This might be the best loaf of rustic italian I've made since arriving at high altitude. I've yet to eat it, so there could be a soggy center, but... I'm leaning toward optimism. Oh the beautiful crumb that must be under that golden crust! Simultaneous work includes color study and application on the grid (varied, this grid includes the 45ยบ diagonal overlay). This drawing addresses and requires meditation on the gradual building of forms and the relationships between color. corresponding to my other work in the recent years - it is another effort to simply make marks and fill space while avoiding meaning or explanation. It is as much about intersecting lines and coloring the resulting forms as it is not about the lines and colors. Discovery, explanation and conjecture about form and composition, themes and meanings - all of this seems to arrive afterward as is often the case with art.

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Anonymous said...

The bread looks wonderful. I can smell it baking. You have done your Mama proud!

Love MOM