Saturday, August 28, 2010

one week

One week, at the end of August 2010, this happened:

Christian framed my artwork.
I presented Hol Sum at Pecha Kucha Night #11!
My bicycle was stolen.
I commissioned a new dress with Kelsey.
McCall and I made awesome progress in new Hol Sum clothing for Fall and Winter.
My drawing, CMYK 2 was accepted for the Denver Modernism show and won honorable mention!

 And now... a recovery Saturday morning with Christian, coffee, french toast and whipped cream.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


 Most of the time, I don't like the taste of art about Barbies and/or the female "body image paradox" (you know, when we want to be thin and lithe and pretty but we don't want to cave into the OCD beauty struggle that sometimes plainly conflicts with natural woman-ness).  However, this piece by Maria Gil Ulldemolins strikes another chord of thinking. 

The current renewed feminine interest into traditional hand crafts such as knitting and needle point addresses another aspect of womanhood.  More women want to take ownership of these traditionally feminine skills.  Moreover, artistas worldwide are using the "hand craft" as art media.  There is a simple message when putting age old media to use for contemporary female identity themes - there is history in our present condition. 

Maria's Cross Stitch Barbie crosses our conflicting ideas of the ideal woman.  She addresses more than the physical shape of us by calling out the historically feminine mode in us.
Of course, there's more to this piece that addresses many girls' desire to take apart and often destroy their barbies.  I'll leave my comments for the conflicted identity department, but read Maria's own article, Man, I Feel Like a Woman at HAND/EYE magazine's website.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

sneaker couture

Ms. Yoakum with "Goddess Tara" sneaker (photo from NYT)

"Amanda Yoakum paints on sneakers."  The un-traditional medium started with a gift for her boyfriend and has now become her couture practice.  See the whole article at the New York Times site.  Cheers to Amanda for keeping her work commission based. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pecha Kucha Night Denver #11

As Part of YesPleaseMore Pop Up Store's Summer Camp closing party, Pecha Kucha presentations for Artists, Designers, Architects is going down at sun down.  I'll be presenting Hol Sum along with other designers/artists in Denver represented by YesPleaseMore. 

So, plan to be at the Denver Pavilions on Wednesday, Aug. 25 for an 8:30 show start!  Before Pecha Kucha begins, be sure to arrive early enough to celebrate all the great designers represented by YesPleaseMore!  There will be activities, actors, exciting new products and, and...  IT'S ALL FREE!   So, come have fun! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wedding details

 I'm making my wedding dress.

There, I said it.  It's officially happening. 
I've been in a hesitant mode for weeks as I imagine the dress in my mind and imagine it again.
It's true blue.
Taffeta, Dupioni (blue monotone)
The fabric is awesome, as you can see bits here. 
This is the collar - a sculptural neck piece designed to complement the dress without being part of it.  Inspired by the artist Karrie Hovey's Garden Grows project and informed by Grace Stanton's fashion intelligentsia, the collar comes to life as of today! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

amazing resource

I've been reading a densely informative blog (blog collection) addressing the eco-sensitive fabric/textile issue I mention in my grant proposal:

find it here:  Organic Clothing Blogs

In looking into just what eco sensitive fabrics to use if I receive the grant money (and even if I don't!), Michael provides great clarity around textile production of all kinds (ie:  cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo, etc.).

I hope you'll check out this blog if the topic interests you in the least. 

I'm tuned into Bamboo fabrics as they have a similar drape and sheen to silk and are derived from such an easily grown plant!