Sunday, August 23, 2009


Fitting the form... a sort of architecture for the body. I've finished a few dresses in the past 2 weeks. One more in the works, preceded by a test dress... Altogether that's 5 dresses in a month. Not bad. I don't have photos of the wearers wearing these dresses as I don't expect them to do a photoshoot on their own time, but eventually, we'll have photos with these beautiful ladies.
In this picture, I'm wearing Malissa's dress because we happen to be the same size.

I do finally have the pictures of Kali in her dress (see last month's posting). She's a charm! We'll be starting sewing lessons this week! Anyone else want to learn to sew? Let me know.

Yesterday, a quick, stretchy, tube dress made in the morning in efforts to be comfortable all afternoon car-shopping. Done!

Friday, August 14, 2009


40 needle felted birds
wool, alpaca, lama fibers
approx. 2 x 4 x 2 inches in dimension

click on images for larger view.

This installation of Migration at the Red Squared Gallery in Spring Green, WI is the first formal installation of the work. Passing through an invisible plane in space, the birds are simultaneously indicative of the immediate and gradual processes of change. Their color changes in one slice through space. The process of needle felting is hours of almost unnoticeable transformation. They are representative of the duality of change, always immediate and always gradual.

Thanks to Michael Desbarres and Ryan Hewson for creating the gallery, Red^2 and connecting the community of Spring Green to the community of contemporary artists and designers at Taliesin. Thanks also to Emil Crystal for his work in bringing this show together and organizing artists. If you are in South Wisconsin during this month of August, please consider visiting the gallery and the show.