Tuesday, June 30, 2009

in town

Check this out. R. Justin Stewart at Plus Gallery, Denver, CO. This is my favorite gallery in Denver yet. Regroup (The Google Diaspora), 2008 (commissioned by Esq, fleece, rope, paint, pvc cap, hose barb and metal hardware, 8.5 x 21 x 13 feet

I'd put my work in this gallery.

Partitioned 12-18 (detail), 2007, thread, metal frames, lead weights, site specific installation, Denver, CO

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the day we grated 60 lemons while 3 liters of Everclear 191 filtered through the Britta. But today! Today was filter and finishing day for the Taliesin Limoncello.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the show is on

It's good when things work out well. My stuff over at Hooked On Colfax, E. Colfax Ave. and Steele St. gets a nice brick wall background.

Show opens on Saturday night at 7pm.

Otherwise, check out the cafe, have one of the best latte's of East Denver, and see the handiwork in person.

Friday, June 5, 2009

work for life

Today, photographing older work from a few years ago... This piece is part of a large movement of my work based on migration and prayer flags.Birds become a symbol of ourselves and a sort of prayer flag, as in Tibetan symbols of offerings for the world carried by the wind. We, as immigrants, movers, travelers, beings of constant change; we are like mobile prayer flags. We have the power to move across this earth as offerings of peace, compassion, and love.

These ideas are still the power behind my present work. Practicing in meditative, repetitive drawings and making flocks of birds from different materials. These represent a practice in quietness and receptivity. These represent my and, I believe, humanity's capacity to live as offerings of goodness and trust.