Saturday, February 28, 2009

the grid and bread

Two things we can't live without.
This might be the best loaf of rustic italian I've made since arriving at high altitude. I've yet to eat it, so there could be a soggy center, but... I'm leaning toward optimism. Oh the beautiful crumb that must be under that golden crust! Simultaneous work includes color study and application on the grid (varied, this grid includes the 45ยบ diagonal overlay). This drawing addresses and requires meditation on the gradual building of forms and the relationships between color. corresponding to my other work in the recent years - it is another effort to simply make marks and fill space while avoiding meaning or explanation. It is as much about intersecting lines and coloring the resulting forms as it is not about the lines and colors. Discovery, explanation and conjecture about form and composition, themes and meanings - all of this seems to arrive afterward as is often the case with art.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blu Dot

This is a design company worth a long look! Thank you Blu Dot for your attention to the rest of us. And by "the rest of us" I mean the aesthetically rich albeit financially poor. I'm personally in love with the narrow steel legs and bright powder coated Strut tables. I can't get over the couchoid's barely angled arms - I like this a lot. If that's not cool enough as it is, they also have a series of short films on their site. I can't pick a favorite, so watch them all. They're all very good. Here's the link: Good Design is Good : Films Seriously. Check it out!

Monday, February 16, 2009


I played basketball when I was about 12 years old. I was never really good beyond my natural athleticism. For some reason the spatial orientation of the court and all the people and the ball moving across it were overstimulating for me. I was always sort of spaced out over it and unable to quickly process what was happening. That might explain my shots at the opponent's hoop. I'm still like that. Not the scoring for the other team thing, but visually overstimulated and zoned out. You should see me walking through an unfamiliar grocery store: the artist in visual overload. Anyway, I'm kneeling to the right of my father (far left) and my twin sister, Erin (valentine giver of last posting here) is 2 right of me. That haircut... those shorts... such an awkward time. Love to Dad and Erin and fondness for old memories.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is the valentine I received from my sister today. This is the 3rd (or fourth?) part of a series of valentines that Erin has sent me in the last number of years. I love her refined stick man (heart head) drawing skills. The first card she sent me (on paper) said on the front: "Happy Valentine's day fart head!" and inside: "eh... I mean, Heart Head! I love you!" The front, a stick figure with a heart shaped head and inside, an up-close heart head winking with a thumbs up. Quirky. Gotta love that. Eventually the heart heads' farting (or pooting) became an important production method for the conversation heart candies we all love and hate.
Without further adieu, this year's installation:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

getting along

Lately, feeling a bit in limbo without a steady job yet, but we are realizing that stability and regularity can be self created. Our not-wasted creative energy has produced:
1) magnetic paneling (recycled industrial shelving) on our workspace wall
2) work table on wheels
3) handmade pasta
4) bread and muffins
5) roasted chicken and all the yummy byproducts thereof
6) snowboard designs presented to a local snowboard company
7) in process... the famed grapefruit candy

Otherwise, we're really glad we bought the season passes to the ski slopes last October. We've got the time and we're as happy as kids riding the lift up each first ascent seeing the fresh snow below us and imagining how we'll carve through it for the rest of the day! Cheers for powder!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

1302 Columbine

We're here.

A collage homage to movement:

We spent a lot of money to get to this joint, but we're optimistic that it's worth it. The snow on the mountain slopes is certainly a joyful reminder of our love for this particular state. We had an amazing day at Vail on Friday. Yesterday we spent the day buying materials to build furniture. We also bought some nice black horizontal rectangles (old filing cabinets) to use as a "dresser" in our bedroom and a "sideboard" in the living area. The furniture building and designing is a must as the furniture available for purchase is either cheap and very ugly or beautiful and very expensive. So, the new apartment is sparse, but will come along at the right pace.

Last night, our first big dinner in the place. We roasted a chicken (that tastes like chicken!) and popped open the Veuve Cliquot Champagne gifted to us by Mary Grow, Christian's professor at Taliesin. Thanks Mary, a true housewarming.