Sunday, February 1, 2009

1302 Columbine

We're here.

A collage homage to movement:

We spent a lot of money to get to this joint, but we're optimistic that it's worth it. The snow on the mountain slopes is certainly a joyful reminder of our love for this particular state. We had an amazing day at Vail on Friday. Yesterday we spent the day buying materials to build furniture. We also bought some nice black horizontal rectangles (old filing cabinets) to use as a "dresser" in our bedroom and a "sideboard" in the living area. The furniture building and designing is a must as the furniture available for purchase is either cheap and very ugly or beautiful and very expensive. So, the new apartment is sparse, but will come along at the right pace.

Last night, our first big dinner in the place. We roasted a chicken (that tastes like chicken!) and popped open the Veuve Cliquot Champagne gifted to us by Mary Grow, Christian's professor at Taliesin. Thanks Mary, a true housewarming.

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Kathleen C. said...

What beautiful pictures... the landscape AND you two. And the chicken... yum!