Tuesday, April 20, 2010

meditation script

This is the beginning of Meditation Script.  A series of mark making.  Each mark, viewed one at a time, one after the other, repeating a pattern of watching so as to bring the mind to one sustained consciousness.  This is to practice contemplation of only the simplest term in order to relieve the mind of life's cacophony and make space in one's being.

Coinciding with my static work in meditative mark making, this is a dynamic script for sustained, repeated action - that is meditation.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

lots of white fabric

My sewing machine and I spent the day surrounded by white fabric.  I've been making this huge piece for Louder Than Words Dance Theater's June show at the Newman Center's Byron Theater.  This piece acts as set and costume.  Clothing half the stage in white fabric under which the dancers perform.

Today I attached to the large piece, pants and shirts made from the same fabric.  The idea is, performers arrive at the clothing elements from under the fabric, find the shirt or pants or gloves, and push into the clothing through to the surface.  Wearing the clothing elements changes the effects performers can have on the fabric piece at large.   Also added to the piece, a tube running the length of the perimeter.  Yards and yards of sewn length.... very time consuming. 

Nonetheless, I did have a Sunday break with my friends.  Christian, Michael and Fil made a picnic to enjoy on our back lawn - the first picnic of 2010!