Tuesday, October 20, 2009


While in Barcelona, one of my favorite things about European cities, we happened on many specialty shops - anywhere from chocolate to leather. So, we stopped into said leather shop and had some belts made while we waited. There were more than 100 kinds of belt leather to choose from, so we took advantage of the opportunity. While waiting, I found the box of scraps! What a jackpot for the seasoned thrift artist. Granted, I like finding and using nice, more expensive materials, but reality check: I'm creative, raw material is available, hardly any money required, AND I had an idea almost instantly for how to use some of the stuff in the box. Most of the scraps were nice material in scrap-disguise, what a score! a large-ish scrap of fuchsia dyed leather becomes a souvenir for my student and friend, Kali. She brought me back the coolest bottle opener from Turkey. The least I could do was give her a gift up to par! Hand-cut, lace-like, necklace -

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bologna and Barcelona trip 2009

We were hosted in Bologna for one week and then traveled to Barcelona for some free-wheelin' travel! I hope you'll take some minutes to look at the photos of the places we went, food we enjoyed, and moments we hope to remember while traveling. head to Flickr and see the images larger if you like.

These are our photos from Barcelona, I'm just now realizing that our photos are in reverse order from the trip... Bologna was first, then Barcelona. Eh, what the hey. I'm sure you get the idea: the trip was inspiring to say the least!
This is my collection of graffiti photos from Bologna and Venice, Italy as well as Barcelona, Spain. Graffiti: so important.
at Cersaie (International exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings) We were here because Christian Butler (my partner) and Michael Johnson (his mentor) both received awards from the Ceramic Tiles of Italy group and hosted us for a week overlapping the conference dates. Here, pictures of the exhibit with our work and images of Michael speaking. Also, images some pieces in the show we thought to photograph.
See Christian and Rebecca in Bologna, Italy.