Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Four Dharmas of Gampopa

Grant your blessing so that my mind may move towards the Dharma.
Grant your blessing so that the Dharma may progress along the path.
Grant your blessing so that the path may clarify confusion.
Grant your blessing so that confusion may dawn as wisdom. 


Friday, December 16, 2011

Rozie Vajda at GroundSwell Gallery

What a fun month at the gallery with the complex and beautiful characters created by Rozie Vajda.  Each marionette with it's own detailed expression, components, and stage is an example of Rozie's true investment into the whole creation of personality and placement.  We are honored to show this work and we welcome you, if you haven't already, to visit GroundSwell Gallery during this heartwarming season - open through January 10, 2012. 

GroundSwell Gallery is located at 3121 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80206 (Bluebird District). 

Open Monday - Saturday 11am - 7pm, Sunday 12 - 5pm

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Givers, this is your jam.

Hello friends!
Just want to shout out about the Holiday Gift Givers Sale we're hosting at GroundSwell Gallery this Saturday (tomorrow) from 5 - 9pm.
There are 10 amazing designers selling their hand-crafted wares (including jewelry, accessories, art, toys, etc.).
Also, it's the holidays after all, so we'll warm you up and sweeten your teeth with a cup of home-made chai and a cupcake from the Shoppe!  Looking forward to seeing you all!
I made these Heads-N-Tails toys!  These little critters' heads and tails can be swapped from one to the other allowing you to create funny little foxy-turtles and hippo-fish. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

“I like to think that some of my work at least will stay in the present tense.”

Ellsworth Kelly at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  Not his usual paintings, but his wood sculptures.  Just wanted to link to this NYTimes Article including some statements from Kelly himself.  I am especially interested in artists like this who are interested most in remaining in the present tense.  This image is of Spectrum V, 1969.  I remember seeing this on a visit to see art somewhere in the world...  Anyway, I remember loving it.