Wednesday, February 11, 2009

getting along

Lately, feeling a bit in limbo without a steady job yet, but we are realizing that stability and regularity can be self created. Our not-wasted creative energy has produced:
1) magnetic paneling (recycled industrial shelving) on our workspace wall
2) work table on wheels
3) handmade pasta
4) bread and muffins
5) roasted chicken and all the yummy byproducts thereof
6) snowboard designs presented to a local snowboard company
7) in process... the famed grapefruit candy

Otherwise, we're really glad we bought the season passes to the ski slopes last October. We've got the time and we're as happy as kids riding the lift up each first ascent seeing the fresh snow below us and imagining how we'll carve through it for the rest of the day! Cheers for powder!

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