Friday, December 28, 2007

seeing what other people have created is inspiring to the creative individual. Look at more art.

I've been visiting my dear friends Jo and Matt and their new little one, Mackeon. He is a lovely little one. Being with dear good friends and meeting their lovely child... how can I not be inspired and energized? Here's Mackeon now!

Christian and I went to the Hirshhorn Museum yesterday as well (click on the title for a little segue to that site). I love that museum and would have stayed much longer hadn't the closing hours sent us away! I've always loved the Juan Munoz sculpture in the garden near the entrance, so I'm including some pictures. I also thoroughly enjoyed the newest acquisitions (downstairs) and am happy to have read about the Hirshhorn's plans to acquire many works by contemporary artists! Furthermore, I was inpsired (for my own paintings) by the the work of Agnes Martin and Clifford Still. I realize some ways I want to proceed with more simplicity and focus on texture, pattern and color with the paintings/drawings I currently work on. More to come.

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Anonymous said...


i went on a trip to london a few weeks back and his work was the exhibit at the tate modern. i had never heard of him before, so it's neat to see you have his work posted in here!

hope all is well with you. and i hope to get back to boudlers soon!
-breanna hanson