Monday, December 24, 2007

sedona textures

In going with the slightly cheesy aesthetic of the sedona tourism racket, I thought "Sedona Textures" might be a good title for this post. Maybe I'll put together a coffee table book to sell in gift shops there.

Despite all that, I am happy to have a beautiful new camera for use in taking lovely photos during Christian's and my time there.

Here are some of the photos taken (way back during Thanksgiving time) while at Taliesin West (FLLWSA campus), and while taking an overnight trip to lovely Sedona, Arizona.

Click here to go to the Flickr photo album.

Clearly, I like lichen. (I've also always liked that the words like and lichen together are somewhat stutter-ish.) I appreciate textures and surfaces of natural designs as I ponder my own work for fabric design, paintings, drawings, and graphic work. I consider these natural patterns far more interesting than most others I see in the man-made world. Excellent teachers for me.

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