Tuesday, December 4, 2007

all day inside

The good part about snow days in Wisconsin (which are many), is that I will be inside working in my studio for extensive periods of time. On Saturday I posted to first snow storm pictures... so here's what I was working on that day.

I was in Arizona with Christian Butler (pictures from that trip, still to come...) and we went on the Day after Thanksgiving shopping freakout... (I now wondering why we didn't fully participate and even eat Mall Food Court food.) At Neiman Marcus, I tried on a jacket I loved with sleeve details much like the sleeve extensions I put on my coat here. The jacket was too large (thanks for convincing me not to buy it anyway Christian). A few days after returning to Wisco, I was skateboarding around and realized that my black peacoat's sleeves are too short, it's always annoyed me, and I should use the great wool my Mom gave me to lengthen them... and AHAH, use the sleeve detailing I loved about the coat at NM. Bingo. I also added a fat ruffle (with the same accordion fold as the sleeve detail around the elbow) around the hood so that the sleeve extensions wouldn't be solo. The ruffle reminds me of the way fur trimmed hoods sit over the head (I've always liked that look). It also references a loose bonnet... bringing in the colonial style!

Well, tell me what you think. And if you too think your sleeves are too short, there's a way out of that mess. No need for cold wrists.
Here, my notes before beginning. The original sleeves are about 2 1/2 inches shorter than the extensions. As you can see, I left the original inside and attached the new part to the old.

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