Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Skeletons emerge

I have students, and this is one of my students' work. Alex(andrea) is working on a story (of her own writing) about a skeleton who decides his grave is no longer fit for him and goes searching for the right place to fit in. Alex has chosen some adorable and comical scenarios in which the skeleton still finds himself in the wrong place. I'm excited to see what illustrations she comes up with. So far, this character has stolen my heart. She's a forward thinker with plenty of questions about publishing this story as a book for toddlers. ...Let's just get the illustrations done!

I should add, that Alex is 10 and has been taking lessons with me for about 6 weeks. She and I will continue to work together for most of this school year. I also have a student who attends University of Wisconsin for pre-vet, and simply sought better drawing skills. Both of my students are lovely to meet with on a weekly basis.

For those living in the Madison area, feel free to share with friends who might be interested in art or drawing lessons, or let me know of your own interest in instruction. I work with children as young as 4 and adults as old as they come. I'm also in the works for a potential Spring Semester Adult drawing class at the Monroe Street Fine Arts Center.

There's my plug!
If anything, I dig that skeleton!

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