Monday, October 8, 2007


My Friend Kara Handy (we've known each other from 6th grade!) ran the Chicago marathon yesterday. Yes, THE sweltering October 7th Chicago marathon in which 1 person died, 40 were hospitalized and they had to cancel after 4 hours because so many people were dropping like flies. She, by grace, was able to recover from heat exhaustion at mile 22 and walk 4 miles to finish with a speedy jog! It was truly an amazing accomplishment as we were part of a march to the finish with many other harried and exhausted runners. I was with Kara for the last 7 miles. I too was uncomfortable, so I can't imagine having run the marathon.
So, to all the runners who gave it a shot, Cheers! I hope you try again on a cooler day! Alaska anyone?

Pictured here, myself and Kara at the end.
You can probably tell that I'm really proud.


Erin Peebles said...

Does your shirt say "Chica Go Kara"? That's so awesome!!!

hol sum said...

yes, I thought that was clever... The best part was when a spectator yelled "Yeah Chica!!.... GO Kara! Oh, CHICAGO KARA!!!!" and we knew that she had the "ah ha" moment. Lot's of much needed laughter during our march through the heat!