Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mom in Madison

here we are,
after 5 days of hanging out in Madison,

we chill out at Barrique's Wine Cave, a great cafe, coffee shop, and wine/liquor shop on the West side of Madison. We've been to a lot of the hot spots worth checking out at a leisurely pace, and this afternoon we'll head to the apple orchard, or take a walk at the inner city forest, UW Arboretum. We went to the Food and Wine show in Madison on Saturday after a morning at the HUGE farmer's market (that makes me proud to call Madison home) and an awesome brunch at Marigold's. That day was ideal for Mom, being the foody she is... um, me too.

We went to Taliesin to visit Christian and explore the home and estate of Frank Lloyd Wright. The weather's mostly been gorgeous.
She's back to Virginia, my origin, tomorrow. We've had a lovely time of it. I'm glad to share where and what I am with my family each time I move to a new place. ...I guess that's a good enough reason to keep moving!

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