Monday, October 1, 2007


This Friday I'll show a more current collection of work that revolves around the color and presence of prayer flags. My work with bird block prints and bright colors gradually led me into this direction and I realize more and more how appropriate the connection has prayer flags reference a religion based in meditation and I've always felt my work is meditative. So, not only is there repetition (part of meditation) in the images of many birds in flight (a migration), there are also repeated images (such as the one pictured above. I've made almost all of my work in squares. The repeated form is found in a string of prayer flags strung like a banner accross an entryway.

Themes of migration seemed to fall into my lap as Spring ended and Summer began. I'd been thinking of doing work with repeated shapes of flying birds for some time, then learning to screen print allowed me to do so. I printed 3 x 3 feet squares of repeated birds in flight onto fabric and paper. Some of these will also be shown Friday. These led to a repeated use of 3 of the same birds in flight onto the walls of my studio and other surfaces. It seems cheesy if I try to imply that the theme of migration relates to the migration of birds this season and/or the migration of my partner and his cohorts to Arizona for the Winter semester, but it is interesting that such a correlation did occur.

Frankly, I love birds. I love repetition. I love simple, bright colors and forms.

Here's an image of my studio Wall:

Wish I could bring it to the show.
Unless of course you're out of the country or out of the state, or just out of bounds, then, I hope to see you Friday at the Show. Lazy Jane's Cafe Williamson Street (1/2 block E of Baldwin St.) Madison, WI

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