Friday, June 27, 2008

progress report

Ladies and Gentleman,
you are cordially invited to Progress Report: a visual accumulation of the byproduct of creative process in the architecture studio environment.

The waste/recyclable paper from the students and faculty at Taliesin: the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture is the media for this on-site installation in Hillside studio at Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin. This image reveals a bit of the structure. Ripped or cut strips of the paper (fragmenting imagery and text) are tapestry woven on a vertically stretched warp on the wall of the studio. The combined imagery and text from the students and faculty represent the collaborative, invisible energy of creative effort as though that energy, with myself as catalyst, attaches to the wall as visible residue. Through twisting, folding, and otherwise manipulating the paper, I hope for it to seem as though it is a growing form, similar to mold or lichen, expanding from day to day of work weaving through the wire warp. This is truly a reflection upon my own experiences working in large studios with other artists and my time spent in the Hillside studio amongst architects and architecture students at work. The energy of production and creativity, the collaboration and influence of ideas, and the product itself are only together for a brief time in the studio environment. This project seeks to capture a product of these elements together.


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Kathleen C. said...

Oh boy oh boy! An update from one of my favorite people!!
Becky I am so thrilled that you dropped me the note with your blog. I'll be keeping up on your doings. (errr... and I have a little one I'm doing with my sister too. Check out Dips...)
Wish I could see your Taliesen project... I worked for four summers at the local APT. Loved the area, was blown away by Taliesen.
And... aha! I have finally "seen" Christian.