Monday, June 2, 2008

kick start

This morning I returned to Madison from Spring Green, WI (where my partner Christian is currently living and working on his architecture degree) by bicycle. Different from the normal car trip on Rt. 14 (see approximate route at google pedometer map here), this method of travel took me on winding side routes and through quiet pastoral landscape. I was moving at about 15 - 20 mph most of the way and not inside a vehicle, so my perception of my surroundings was more tactile and sustainable. The views of old farms, especially the beautiful barns of this countryside and my correlating pace with flying, bounding American Goldfinches along the roadside were some of the many enjoyments of my ride. This could be just to save on gas money, but certainly it is more in depth and aesthetic an experience than that. I am grateful to have this summer ahead of more commutes from Christian's home to mine.

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