Sunday, March 9, 2008


I imagine you'll see photos on the Schwaklakk home page in a few days... of Craig and Me tickling some serious ivory! Soap! Ivory soap that is. Schwaklakk, a made up term (despite my thinking it was some European language's term for "soap carving.") by the creators of the event 16 years ago, is an event dedicated to carving ivory soap into whatever you want while drinking and eating with friends. Damn, good party.
In honor of foul language, I made this:
Other good news: It was nice enough (by our acclimated standards) to cycle around town to run errands and hang more posters for the show.
I've been in high gear lately collecting work to do and organizing time and expenses in order to get it done. I admit, I feel undirected or unfocused. It's been a weird season of bumbling around from project to project. Projects range from completely mine to contracted graphic design, to drawings for Memory Globe designs, to teaching adults, teaching kids, cooking unusual/time consuming foods... Everything I'm doing is creative and must lead me to somewhere... I'm just not sure where that is. One thing is for certain, this show at the end of the month with Craig and Nina is going to be a solid show of talent. I hope, if you live near, that you come.
Details of when and where in the March 1 post here on holsum(ation).

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Kristy of former hardware fame said...

mz peebles!

Good luck on your show with craig and nina! I am living in Milwaukee now so I will probably not be making it out but drop off some fliers at the hardware store and make sure tom gets his booty down there.