Sunday, January 29, 2012

James Llorca Garcia Marquez

A good Denver artist, James Llorca Garcia Marquez is leaving.  I'm staying, but I don't blame him, and I sympathize with his statements made in this Westword article about his departure to NYC.  I have 2 small pieces of his, tiny books, that I found while working at Hooked on Colfax, and I often feel grateful about the inherent generosity of having them.    I looked forward to seeing where this artist would begin to show in Denver and how he might grow.    Anyway, I'll miss this guy.
Composite, Physiognomic

I  too want Denver to start paying attention to Denver's artists and quit remarking on "how expensive" art is.   At least give these artists the honor of never knowing that you think the work is "expensive" - it is a matter of opinion after all - because art, when it is really art, is too important a thing to make such tactless remarks about dollars.
To James,
I hope you keep working.  Good luck and Farewell.

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