Tuesday, January 5, 2010

m i l k : an installation by hol sum

There's M I L K on the wall.  This is hol sum's latest site specific installation, newly installed last night.  Entitled  M I L K because the main media is repurposed milk jugs, the resulting texture and luminance reference the original containers' purpose and the location's daily production.  Each square foot of these 4' x 8' panels represents an average day's worth of milk consumption at Hooked on Colfax Cafe on Denver's near East side (3213 E. Colfax Ave.).  On a grand scale, M I L K glorifies milk as it has re-identified as one of America's favorite beverages - heated and aerated in our lattes of course.

Apart from the site and media's inherent messages, this work correlates with my body of work dealing with repetitive/meditative processes, repetitive elements, and minimal aesthetics.

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