Sunday, January 31, 2010

fabric arrival & sewing machine's new lease on life

Only talking about M I L K for the past month, I should also point out that the month of January has been busy with sewing projects.  January started with Louder Than Words Dance Theater's production, SHIFT, for which I did costume consultation and design.  It was a screenprinting, cutting and sewing whirlwind that whirled right onto the dancers as they performed excellently for the first 2 weekends of January.  How fortunate I am to work with a brilliant choreographer, lighting and sound designers and dancers in this company.  Pictures are yet to come, but I will be certain to include them here when available.  As for now, work is underway with the winter dress for Kristan.  You can see the beginnings of mock-up work there on the dress form.  Kristan will have a dark gray wool outer and a golden yellow lining; that fabric just arrived yesterday afternoon!   After a tune-up at Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vaccuum, the little Kenmore is finally in smooth working order!  It's about half the size of my other Kenmore and has those great shiny knobs!  Now that the machine with stretch stitch is in service, I'll be able to make headway on the latin ballroom dancing costume that's been a work in progress for a few months.  With a few commissions going on and sewing lessons still a regular part of the week, sewing is a busy aspect of hol sum's current happenings.

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