Friday, April 3, 2009

Mira Schendel have you seen my breathing?

This is what I'm up to these days:
I was turned on to Mira Schendel today, thanks to New York Times article, Alternative Modernism via South America and the MOMA's show, Tangled Alphabets. Her series, Graphic Objects, evokes nostalgia and security in me as I recognize my own meditative repetitive writing and assembling of lines, letters, marks, and forms. A few images of her work at the MOMA: This untitled piece is such a simple albeit beautiful use of graphic text to form atmospheric texture and space. I imagine these letters as abstract and arbitrary forms evoking language and communication depicted here as form and texture relevant to time and space. Our human existence at once archived and forever forgotten in disjointed memories of communication. This next image is redolent of chaos as it suffuses all of our well meaning organization.
Yes, we will be attending this MOMA show in May while in NYC for the Guggenheim retrospective of Frank Lloyd Wright (including Christian's work!). ...can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, my dear girl!
I like Mira's pieces. The repetition of objects that are related reminds me of your fabric with the birs silk screened.
luv, Mom