Thursday, April 30, 2009

gray or grey?

my favorite (not)color is gray. or grey? Spell-check says, "gray." I like grey. My favorite color? So hard to say, but yellow is often an easy choice, especially when paired with grey!

And now, the Grey Dress.

I've been working on this one since last weekend and it's gone through a major revision. The last time I used this (basic) pattern, the fabric was more pliable, and this being more rigid of a fabric - silk acetate blend, I'm finding little room for flex. Stubborn as I am, I didn't want to use a zipper and I think I accomplished that goal. The dress is for the Guggenheim show we'll attend in a few weeks. It's important to look our best and represent ourselves well through our dress am I right? Thinking I might have to go shoe shopping... a sweet dilemma.

So now, obviously, I'm off to work the hem.

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