Monday, July 21, 2008

art journal

Today starts class at the Monroe Street Fine Arts Center: Artist's Journal.
It's not a diary, it's not a scrapbook (God help us), it's not a photo album, but...
It's real deal collection of and practice in the art of design and use of our daily ideas and visual experiences.
Work it! Some of today's input for my journal:

Welcome to fun-for-work, work-for-fun: Alex (12), Isabella (11), Bianca (10, and Sarah (14).


candy said...

very it all digital?

hol sum said...

no digital here! This class is specifically oriented toward the finding and assembling of things, ideas, textures, color, media, and favorites. The artist journal, in this class, is the medium for knowing one's personal taste and process in design work. For me, I think that's led to a better sense of self and better digital work. For these kids, I hope most for their sense of self and maybe futures in design!