Thursday, April 24, 2008

future master of color, master of paint

Japhy is one of my students. He's 7. We meet once a week, and sometimes I forget that I am "working." He is my newest small friend and I'm very impressed by his creative inclinations. Most notable are his choices of color and his tactile and active use of media. He thinks he's "not a good artist," but I often remind him of his future mastery and of his present natural abilities. Yesterday, we spent some of our time together using artist's chalk to color the cinder-blocks lining my garden's raised beds. The photograph (up close, above) shows some of our rectangular works. Japhy's are the better ones (in my opinion) - a young Clyfford Still? Today it rained, so I'm happy to have photographed a bit while the colors were still so vibrant. Below, an attempt to photograph the entire colored area.
To be with Japhy and with many other students informs my own design work of color, of texture, of form and composition... I am thankful.


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