Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm working on multiple projects these days... Coffee Label, business image, shirt graphics, showing this weekend, personal projects(?). It's been hard to stay oriented. I feel like a pin ball. All this combined with the reawakening that comes with the season, I've been running full steam from wake until sleep. I've been doing a lot of running as the marathon approaches (May 10!) and cycling, and gardening outside. I find it hard to stay in and do art/design work. Nonetheless, it's working out alright.
I'll eventually find a rhythm again.

This coming weekend, my work will be on show again at Lazy Jane's. Specifically for Madison Gallery Night, many Cafes, Yoga Studios, Galleries, Studios, Museums, Municipal spaces will be open from 5 - 9pm to show and celebrate artists of the area! I hope many will take the time to peruse the city and see this local art! More Madison Gallery Night information can be found here:

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