Sunday, February 3, 2008

field trip

Becky, Christine, Nina, and Craig

Cursor the title for a link to Christine Olson's Blog. Who's Christine? She's an artist my friends, Nina and Craig and I visited yesterday because she built a hot pink shanty (to be part of an artists' ice shanty town near the Twin Cities) and it's now on Monona Bay here in Madison, WI. We looked at bright designs inside (see picture) and listened to Inuit stories (with or without morals...). I colored a Narwhal in hopes to win the coloring contest! The shanty's about 3'wide x 8'long, plywood, painted pink exterior. It has a skylight and a large window on the one wall, an ice-fishing hole in the center floor (a neighboring fisherman insisted Christine have one, and helped her drill through the ice!) and a nice bench seat at one end inside.

Here's to Christine... have fun with at the Art Shanty Town. I'm glad she warmed the Hot Shanty up here in Madison... amongst the traditional ice fisherman and their shanties.

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