Thursday, February 21, 2008


Today is the 41st post on my blog. 2 weeks ago, I pulled a fortune stick, #41, and read my fortune which began "You have chosen the number 41. The luckiest number under the sun."
In this month's American Craft Council's magazine there's an article about Sangjoon Park. I love repeated simple objects. This particular image was striking for me. Check it out here.

Furthermore, I should add that this magazine has been rockin' my socks for a few months now and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in craft as art, utilizing craft in art, or merging craft and art. I'm very happy to be getting a new issue every few months because I'm reloaded with new ideas and links and recommendations from this publication.
The current issue has a great article: Craft and Design. What's the Distinction? by Howard Risatti, author of A Theory of Craft. He sees craft and design as distinct entities with unequal footing in the modern world. But, he wonders, is this necessarily a bad thing? The article is worth the read. Also, a cool photo spread of new styles and materials in jewelry. There's a necklace that's like a visual riddle. Check these out in the magazine (their only mentioned as briefs on the web page.)

Happy research.

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