Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today's progress:
Ordering materials and researching for "prayer flags" project. Prayer flags project - a series of people wearing traditional prayer-flag color t-shirts (blue, white, red, green, gold) with the Lungta or "Wind horse" prayer flag design printed on it. In making the t-shirts as prayer flags,the string of flags is then mobile. This is intended to be a performance art work where the string of prayer flags will walk the city or a part therein and offer the blessings traditionally offered through the prayer flags' symbols - offerings of peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom and wishes for change of misfortune into fortune.

This project is part 2 of a project I'm submitting to the Madison Arts Commission's "BLINK" temporary public art grant program. So, this morning, I've also been working on a Conceptual Approach Statement as part of that application. Much good work has been done and I feel great about that productivity. Part 1 of the project is Sangha or "Community of meditation practitioners." This work is the collection of the large paintings in which I've been writing the sound of my breath (practice in meditation) and noting the presence of the sitting meditator (as in the spot under the bodhi tree). I plan to paint 9 (if not more) of these paintings to be placed (like prayer rugs) in a grid formation on the ground. Anywhere this collection is placed is invited to receive the good intentions, careful attention, and hope for good actions, which the individual and community of meditators might offer.

Both parts of this project can be and might be shown in other locations, but my intention is to show and perform these works on the Capitol Square in Madison (on the lawn and around the square during the bustling Saturday Farmer's Market and maybe longer) in the Spring.

It has been good to focus on the purpose of my art and the process of my work as I attempt to communicate these things to others. I feel confident.

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