Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Work = Worth it

Here you see me working.

I'd like to point out that I work at a cafe in Madison, WI called the Mermaid Cafe on Winnebago Street (East side). I proudly assert that this cafe serves only fairtrade coffe and espresso in partnership with Just Coffee, which you can view here: and learn about what the heck that is. To be brief, fairly traded (not to mention organic and shade grown) coffees directly support the growers (where ever they are located on the globe) for their work and their product by paying them a fair price according to their country's living standards. Just Coffee is an organization that does more than just fair trade... so read on! Or, just check it out for a second. Our cafe is pictured as part of a list of cafes and restaurants who serve and sell beans from Just Coffee. See more pictures.

I am so very impressed with the coffee and espresso beverages that the Mermaid serves! ...and I had that thought before I began to work there! It is noteworthy as well that the Mermaid Cafe no longer uses products containing High Fructose Corn syrup. We make our own Chai (slightly sweetened with honey, spicy spicy!). And the food is delicious and good for you too!

Uh... Advertisement?

This is all to say that working is worth it when we know that our work does a world of good. Good for me. Good for customers' bodies and minds. Good for local businesses (food and coffee distributors). Good for the neighborhood. Good for the global economy. Good Good Good.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecky,
You didn't credit the photographer. Hope your having a wonderful day.
--the Spark

hol sum said...

the flattering and colorful photograph I ripped from Just Coffee's Website was taken by the suavely talented Spark, whom I call Mark.