Friday, September 28, 2007


Starting off the morning with some yum espresso and work on a literary publication that my dear friend Jesslyn compiles and edits: Plankton. I'm lucky enough to be doing graphics for the journal and I also get to read all the lovely stories and poems that are submitted and chosen. This morning, I'm formatting the above image into a page layout. It's a learning process for me and I realize often how far behind the curve I feel with computer graphics when I do this kind of work. But the good news is, it's never too late to figure stuff out. And there are plenty of people along all points on the curve.

Something funny this morning:

While waiting to get an espresso at the Mermaid, I was looking at the bulletin board and saw a poem written by Monona Wonders (must be a seudonym!). I am quite certain that the poem is about me as the precise scenario happened in my life 2 weeks ago. Here's the poem:



Girl on Skateboard Balances White Bucket

Garden Compost.

Truly, I did that, and then dumped the coffee grounds into my compost bin.
This has truly been a week of recognition.

By the way, I'm showing my work at Lazy Jane's Cafe (I always do, but this is different) for Madison Gallery Night. A one night event on Oct. 5 from 5-9pm with many galleries, etc. throughout the city participating and organized by Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Be there or be square. Seriously.

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