Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moving Day

Today I moved my studio from a 120 sq. ft. room (our 2nd bedroom) to a 600 sq. ft. SPACE (emphasis on the "space").
snapshots of the 14th Ave. Studio (2 yrs of claustro-arto-phobia):
These photos were taken by cramming myself into the opposite corners of the room

and the new 4747 Studio ((sigh) take it all in):
As usual, these photos don't begin to convey the enormous difference this will make for my art making life.

My studio mates: John McEnroe and Bruce Price.  I am stoked.

Here's to a new adventure! 

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Anonymous said...

The only time I considered myself a 'real' artist was when I had a separate makes such a HUGE difference. Super happy for you!