Saturday, February 16, 2013


 In light of recent tragedy and sorrow I've experienced along with my husband and family, I would like to focus on the things in life that help me remember all the goodness that persists in the world.  I found this video in some old files of images and video taken while in Italy and Spain in 2009.  It's not complicated, a video showing people in a train station as a train arrives.  I like watching the video the same as I like watching people.  I feel better for it. 
near Flatirons (Boulder, CO)

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it has been enough to search out a cafe blessed with a jukebox, rattling dishes, and human voices. Family and friends are better though. What a relief there is in an anecdote, a jumping dog, or the brush of a hand. All these things are disorderly, but no plan for survival stands a chance without them.

Robert Adams from 'Beauty in Photography'