Sunday, April 1, 2012

 "Disappearing, and other long term goals." 
Jeffrey King introduced this concept to us at GroundSwell Gallery as the central point from which his body of work would operate.  The work pictured above, titled as the show, is Jeffrey's quietly bold visual comment regarding our temporary status in our shoes, on this ground, standing, here...  With most of the works for Jeffrey's current exhibition (up through April 10), we are directed by elaborate "pointer sticks" to associate images with colors and shapes.  Maybe the colors and shapes indicate the arbitrary nature of things to which we attach ourselves.  The stylistically ephemeral drawings depict a place, a thing, a "Memento" of our existence, our memory - that to which we may attach meaning to ourselves.  King's choice of objects with which we self identify (speaking of our collective humanity from the artist's perspective) run the gamut, ranging from a "Have a nice day" smiley plastic bag to the icon of American architecture, Falling Water a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Working together, the framed drawings, pointer sticks and colored shapes create a sort of mind map that sets us off balance until the humor sets in.

We at GroundSwell Gallery would like to thank Jeffrey King for his outstanding work and work ethic. 

GroundSwell gallery is located at 3121 E. Colfax Ave.  We invite the public to visit the gallery Monday through Saturday 11a - 7pm and Sunday 12 - 6pm.

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