Monday, November 14, 2011

Rozie Vajda at GroundSwell - through Jan. 10

I call this a successful art opening.  The highly detailed and exquisitely constructed characters that are Rozie Vajda's marionettes now grace GroundSwell Gallery.  I am so proud to curate with such a talented and hard working artist!

Please visit the gallery before Jan. 10, 2012 to see this incredible show. 

Below, please find Rozie Vajda's artist statement. 

"I work with found objects. Some discarded, some given, others forgotten, all rediscovered and repurposed. I help these treasures discover a new life with new companions in a new story.

My studio has a floor to ceiling collection of these found, gifted, and salvaged treasures and art parts collected over a lifetime. Chosen for the emotion as much as the aesthetic, in this show can be found roots, twigs, and seaweed, accordion parts and the keys to my first car. When these parts make their way into my art, so too do the people, places, and experiences they represent.

In these most recent pieces, my explorations with assemblage art, doll-making, sewing and felting have come together in a whimsical way that surprises and delights me. With the pull of a string these characters come to life with motion and dance."

-Rozie Vajda

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