Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I  am honored to show my work, Migration newly formatted as a stand-on-it's-own sculpture piece, at the Denver Handmade Alliance's Art by Craft exhibition this coming Saturday!  The show runs through October 16th and coincides with a craft Market held on Sunday Oct. 9th.  Exhibiting the work of the artists listed below, Art by Craft explores craft-based mediums in fine art.  I hope you will consider visiting!!

Migration (detail), Rebecca Peebles
Art by Craft Exhibiting Artists:

Adriane Horovitz & Marc Horovitz 
Andrea Thurber
Becky Wareing Steele
Beth Wood
Dea Webb
Hope Morgan of Haunted Sparrow
Lara Nickel
Martina Grbac
Pamela Webb
Patrice Washington
Rebecca Peebles
Sandra Fettingis
Sarah Wallace Scott
Vanessa Gochnour

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