Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 About a month ago, I competed in Vitamin Water's "Uncapped" Fashion contest to design a garment inspired by one of their beverages.  My choice was Vitamin Water Energy - Tropical Citrus (sun yellow drink with metallic gold label).  Because of Vitamin Water's sleek graphics and the black-and-white on pop-color contrast, I chose to highlight an urban tropical style.  My model Andi Todaro is wearing a wrap on, tie on, polyester satin gold jumpsuit, a black and white contemporary take on Carmen Miranda's "fruit hat," and a peacock and metal necklace.  All of these things I made - what progress for me!  I hope to receive better photo documentation from Vitamin Water (but the outlook is not good despite the many pro photographers I saw running around).  Either way, here's an okay photo (left) and V.W.'s video documentation of the entire event (The garments don't show up until near the middle, so either fast forward or stay with it).  The winner was Fallene Wells.  She made a whole lot of ruffles for that skirt!  Many thanks to Andi for wearing my clothing as though I made it especially for her. 

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