Monday, May 16, 2011

many garments

This month is a major garment construction production month for hol sum!  In 2 days I'll be competing against 7 other designers in a contest hosted by Vitamin Water at the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Denver.  The assignment:  Inspired by one Vitamin Water flavor, we each design and create a garment for the runway representing the name, concept, flavor, and color palette of our flavor.  I can't say what mine is (don't worry, I'll share images as soon as I can), but I can say that I really wish I had one of these garments (that I'm making) when I was in southern Mexico last Fall! 

Photos that I can share are from the next big production in the works: Microclimates!  In production by Rob Mack and Samuel Schimek, Microclimates is a walk-through art installation built into Super Ordinary Gallery (On Larimer in Denver's Rino Art District).  Including 3 microclimates - Forest, Cave, and Meadow, Rob and Samuel will build and design all the details of such environments.  It's going to be a fantastical, graphic explosion of happy, adorable critters in the technicolor/technopattern version of their natural habitat.  My job is to collaborate with colors, concept and patterns to create a collection of garments.  There's going to be a fashion show at the opening for Microclimates on June 4th!  ...this will be my first solo fashion show.  How nice is that?!  Real nice.   Above, a sneak peak of some garments that I'm working on these days with my intern McCall. 

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