Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I came across the Wertheim twins' hyperbolic crochet work a few years ago while especially inspired by artists reinventing the role of handicraft.  I saw this piece around that time at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art when it hosted a show of works all stitched, knitted, crochet and like handcraft called Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting.  In that case, the focus was on the art of craft and roll of craft in contemporary art work.  A current show at Washington D.C.'s National Museum of Natural History brings light to the sisters' rooted intention beyond the medium and craft - a relationship between environmental activism and art.  American Craft Magazine shares this article about their work and the current (through late April) exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History.  These monumental crocheted installations embody Art and beyond Art's sake, provide a venue for raised awareness for coral reefs and fund raising to benefit reef protection.

Mom, I hope you can make the drive to DC to see this show before it closes on April 24!  Wish I could come!

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