Tuesday, February 1, 2011

positive despite the negatives

The high temperature for today was -5 degrees Fahrenheit and the low for tonight is -13.   It's all we can do to keep the work-shop warm.  I'm happy to already have motivation to work because usually when it's this cold, I'd like to stay in a fetal position, wrapped in a very warm blanket.  So, needless to say, I've got enough projects in the pipeline to keep me up and at'em today despite the freezing frigid cold.  ...and I mean SPRING!  Yes, I'm designing and making sample garments for the Spring and plan to show them off to a few retailers here in Denver.  I'm finally taking the proactive approach to designing clothing because I'm putting myself through the learning phases of "entrepreneurial manufacturing for the retail market" and that means, designing for seasons of the future.  I'm probably still behind, but because I'm starting small, I think I'm okay with only being one season ahead of the seasons.  

This tulip dress is one of a few styles.   The feature I'm especially excited about is the pockets.  When a girl goes out in warm weather, she might want a place to stash a few things without carrying a bag (think - "free from baggage").

Here she is!  Medium, 35" bust, 29" waist.   


Kathy Peebles said...

The fabric is great! And it is hard to stay ahead of the seaons. Working with wool in June and July a bit itchy! But the fall rewards are great!! Working with spring and summer fabrics in January can add a lot of color to a dreary day! M

Erin Peebles said...

It kind of reminds me of the 50's with a twist.