Monday, January 10, 2011

buying fabric

If buying fabric were easy, my job would be all play!  It's true - buying fabric is kind of agonizing for me...  It's not because I don't love fabric and wouldn't love to have all the fabric I could ever have.  The problem is 2 parts - 1. my budget is tight (tight is good for a lot of things... except my budget) and 2. there are so many choices for fabric out there awesome and awful, and I often feel I have to sift through it ALL before I find the good goods.

I'm happy to say that Pickering International, an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric supplier based out of San Fransisco made my day today!  I've been looking for sustainable and/or organic fabrics since I won the grant for $500 I said I would spend on said fabrics.... and it's been a journey.  Learning about the fabric - from bamboo, recycled plastic, hemp, organic cotton, etc. etc. has been awesome and I'm even more inspired to use the fabrics I want to use!  Finding a good supplier of these fabrics (there aren't many) was challenging, but Pickering meets my expectations and more with some beautiful fabric choices.

So, my budget is amplified by a nice grant from YES PLEASE MORE AND I've got 2 handfuls of gorgeous fabric choices!  How great to avoid sifting through too many choices of not enough quality and to be more easily able to purchase what I need! 

p.s. these photos are fabric swatch images from Pickering International, Inc.'s website.  Top:  hemp/organic cotton Indigo denim, Middle: hemp/silk charmeuse, Bottom: soybean & organic cotton blend jersey

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