Tuesday, November 23, 2010

jump jump

Dear friends out there, 
I made this jumper to layer over sweaters, collared shirts, t-shirts, you name it.  It's a versatile jumper with a bit more room in the fit and a bit of adjustability to qualify as play-clothes.  Mind you, the denim's super crisp, so however playful this jumper can be, it's sharp.  You can pick up this piece at the Yes Please More store at the Denver Pavilions, 16th St. and Glenarm Pl.  I can hardly let go of it - I love it for myself! 


Andrew Rowley said...

I think it's so dope that you design. I always admire people who have the expertise. I can't even make up my mind half the time, so this amazes me. Awesome stuff! Great work on the jumper and nice with the shoes. I have a thing for heels (no creepy included). Okay, maybe a little creepy. I hate bland things. Amen.

hol sum said...

Thanks Andrew. I hope my expertise just grows and grows... I know I've got a ton of space improve.