Tuesday, May 25, 2010

new MILK in the works

Back to reusing recyclables, the plastic milk jugs find new forms for a projected August show in Denver.  See January blog posts for images of the original MILK light installation at Hooked on Colfax Cafe.  This next show will use the milk jug's translucent material in a variety of lighting pieces intended to fill the show space.  Right now, I'm working out various "chandelier" interpretations.  Below, the first successful of my efforts.  A compact fluorescent bulb seems the best choice, if we all assume they actually are better for the environment.  However, I may go with a larger, translucent, white, globe shaped bulb if only to avoid the hot spot. 

By the way, this is our kitchenette.  This past March, we moved into a charming house and this daytime sun-soak is one of my favorite places in our space.  For the time being, the MILK light perks up the space in the evenings as well.

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