Saturday, December 12, 2009

speaking of circles

Circles of Circles on view and sale at Hooked on Colfax Cafe (E. Colfax between Steele and Adams Streets) as part of a Barista Art show there for the month of December!  The secret's out, I'm a Barista.  All of the proceeds from sales at the show support the smiling faces and growling tummies of your favorite caffeine dealer.  I easily assume you would consider any of us your favorite, even if it's your first time at Hooked.  Come on out.  7pm onward.

But speaking of circles, the New York Times' Natalie Angier wrote an article about the The Circular Logic of the Universe. She specifically mentions the art of Vasily Kandinsky, a wizard of circles, now on view at the Guggenheim (how appropriate).

Several Circles   Vasily Kandinsky 1926
(this image belongs to the NYT co.)

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