Tuesday, November 17, 2009

happy birthday to my sister and to me

I didn't put this post up on my birthday because... well, I had to send Erin's gift to her before I could exploit it on my blog! So, back to some of my drawing roots, I made a drawing for my twin sister that (I think) speaks to her soul (and frankly speaks to mine too).

Erin's always had a fondness for the complex and beautiful celtic knots, so I bit the bullet and figured one out. Saturn finds a place in the work because we're 28 this year - Saturn's orbit is 28 years long. So, here we are again, Erin - two fish swimming to find our place in the world; two birds in free flight toward the stars. I should mention that Erin always loved raccoons when we were children, so inevitably, I love them too. The curious face, turns to see what is.

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