Monday, November 17, 2008

yesterday's siting

The birds are out in force here in Arizona. Or maybe I'm just that more tuned in because there are so many new species to see in a new environment. We live in a preserved habitat (excepting our own habitat infringement of course) so there are plenty of interesting visitors to our back yard. This morning, a Bell's Vireo (the grayest Arizona kind) and a gaggle of Gambel's Quail (adorable) in our little backyard plot. Yesterday late afternoon, this Western Great Plains Screech Owl peeked out of tree at the Botanic Garden here in Scottsdale.


Jen said...

did you photoshop in those ears? it doesn't look real! :)

hol sum said...

haha, no! But everyone was commenting on the bunny in the tree... and apparently this particular owl is known for it's very large "ears."