Friday, October 31, 2008

livin' Sononoran style

I'm a little late in making this post, but moving is quite the distraction isn't it? We moved to Arizona almost 2 weeks ago and we're living at Taliesin in a lovely apartment in the Crescent. Here are some photos of the joint:

We're here because Christian is managing the Mod Fab house on site here. Begun last winter, the goal is to finish it before January. Collaborating with other students, namely Nick Mancusi, and Michael P. Johnson, architect, the project is slated to be a real beauty!

Meanwhile, I'm working on the felt birds, collaboration with Anila Rubiku, help for Saskia Jorda's next show (Nov. 7), and starting a new drawing series. More later...

I'm busy. gah!
It's a beautiful here too. There are many new birds to see and hear. The sky is blue every day! Back door view:

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