Monday, September 1, 2008

Progress Report : deconstruction

The Progress Report installation at Taliesin (see post here) was only temporary and so was deconstructed last week. The installation itself reflected upon aesthetics of mold or lichen growth and visually suggested continuous growth under the right conditions. Those conditions, in this case, were recycled paper accumulation, collection, and weaving all initiated by the artist as catalyst. The project culminated in 4 days of work and was left only for display. I like to think that the deconstruction of this project, simple as the paper had become brittle with exposure, reflects the natural decomposition or drying up of lichen (and the like) when left without good growing conditions. These photos, well worth taking, looked to me like the confetti of dry lichen after scraping it from a rock.

Each art project offers opportunity for the artist to put into reality concepts originating only in her or his mind. It is important to experience that fruition of ideas and then to let it stand for the artist and others to observe, experience and analyze. The finishing of an art piece can be somewhat deflating or anticlimactic, and admittedly I sometimes feel used by the experience. I realize with Progress Report's necessary deconstruction that the cycle of living is completed and thereby fulfilling in a different way. There is no need to preserve the work for all time. There is no need to defend it as time erodes the work's meaning or relevance. The work is simply remembered and serves as inspiration for more projects.

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